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Spreading the word!

Hi all, I'm from Houston and just wanted to forward an email I got today to as many people as I could so Here tis:

>Don't use 713-TICKETS!!
>On Saturday evening my boyfriend and I were driving on Kirby. While
>stopped at the traffic light on Westheimer, we kissed, only to be
>interrupted by someone honking their horn at us from behind. When we
>turned around, we saw a guy and his friend yelling at us. They yelled
>that we were FAGS and that we should die and go to hell. They followed
>us down the road yelling and harrassing us. They made a right on
>Shepperd but not before letting us further know their views on
>Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens quite often without us being
>able to do anything about it. These idiots didn't realize, however,
>that they were in a bright yellow hummer that had their company phone
>number, 713 TICKETS, in big font . The first thing we did was call the
>number to find out who was driving the car. It turns out the owner and
>one of! his assistants were the people shouting at us. The receptionists
>apologized for his boss' behavior and gave us the boss' name, Kent
>Maree. His assistant, who was also shouting obscenties at us, is Max
> A friend of mine, who is black, called Kent this monring to ask if this
>is the way he treats all minorities. Kent responded by saying that it
>is a free country and he can express his views as he wishes. He also
>let my friend know that Fags choose to be fags and they should burn in
>Since this is a free country, I urge you all to please give Kent a call
>and let him know your opinion on the way he expresses his views and his
>business practices. Pass this on to as many people as you know so that
>they too can give Kent and Max a piece of their mind. Their number is
>Thanks for you help.
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