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10% off corsets and the chance that you'll get yours free!


Apologies for wandering in after a keyword search. I'm trying to get a small business going selling corsets and other bits and bobs and I figure that a few people on here might be interested.

I've started a shop with a 10% discount on corsets and every 21st corset I sell will be free.

The corsets are made by Snobz, a team of corset makers who previously worked for Vollers but left to start their own company. They looked at the old traditional designs and altered them a little to give a better fit for the shape of modern women, because we just don't have the same build as people a century ago! The feedback I've had tells me that they're the most comfortable corsets that people have ever had and the quality of them is superb: my girlfriend has three! I can order in any corset/fabric/size combination available from Snobz ( ), but for the sake of ease I've only got their most popular designs and materials listed in my shop. If there's something that they do that you're interested in then drop me a line and I'll sort it out for you with the 10% discount.

How the offer works is that every time I sell twenty corsets the next person to buy one, whatever they are ordering, will get a full refund for the price of the corset, and of course all the others are already being sold at a 10% discount. How many other shops give you the chance of a free corset and 10% off as standard?

I saw in the group description that tight lacing is popular on here. The ladies at Snobz tell me that their corsets are fine for this, but if you've got down to a very small waist then you might need to go for a made-to-measure corset rather than the standard ones. They're damn good at what they do so if you're unsure then send over your measurements and I'll check with them what the best option will be.

Drop me a line on here, through the contact form on my shop (there's a link in the left-hand column), or on shop[at]matazone{dot}co(dot)uk .

Well, I hope this will appeal to some of you, thanks for reading!
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