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So, Lace Away The Pain was a name we came up with because we love corsetry and tightlacing.. Though this community is not totally about corsets, We hoped that we could create a place for the glamour and vanity of a unique mood and style. This isn't a sugar-coated community. We believe in realist and surrealist expression and we hold no artistic limits. This community is a place for everyone with a little of that volumptuous side to express themselves and cohort with others of the same kind. If you like pinups, vintage models, burlesque, romantic goth, decadence, and the cheesecake ideals of past, this is the place for you. That's not all though!

Lace Away The Pain is now a general community for pictures and discussion of romantic style and glamour lifestyles as well as a place for artistic exhibition

General Rules
- Always remember to provide the source where you are getting any pictures posted unless it is on your own computer.
- Please, please, please post your entry as "friend" view only
- Please try to keep graphics behind LJ cuts so we can keep the loading easy on those with dial-up. Don't know how to cut? Click Here to learn how.
- Nudity and Obscenities are very much allowed but please put them behind cuts and leave a warning in the post so that we won't have anyone offended or any young eyes seeing something that wouldn't be appropriate.
- Do not advertize for random communities and journals.. There are other communities for that. It is ok if you add your journal link or personal graphic community link when you post work in LaceAwayThePain. Community advertizing may also be acceptable if the said community is related to this community's interests.

Rules for any graphic art posted:
- Comment in the artist's posts if you wish to use their posted graphic.
- When you post your work, Make sure you indicate if it is OK for others to use your work.
- After you get permission to use, Credit! ALWAYS credit someone's hard work! Wallpapers are understood not to have to be credited unless you use it in a journal layout or something others will see.
- Do not post requests in LaceAwayThePain .. You may, however, comment within a chosen artist's posts and request. However, The artist has the right to deny your request.
- Please only post your own work.. I understand alot of your resources may be from using someone else's pictures.. This is ok as long as you have made it into your own work of art. Please do not steal and claim someone else's work for your own. Credit if you can (This is not always possible. If so, don't worry).
- Be prepared for constructive critisism.. We are all here to learn from each other and improve our artistic style. You should be open to other's opinions and try to learn from them. However, Rude comments and dislikes without sense or reason will not be tolerated. We are not saying that you should like everything everyone posts, but bashing and flaming will not be allowed. You will be warned or banned.

Moderated by mamahahn and jenienna

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